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Find a Professional Plumber Near You


Whether you have an emergency like a leaking toilet or pipe, or you are looking for general plumbing services such as refitting a kitchen or bathroom, finding a reliable plumber near you is not always easy.

Plumbing work can be complex and if it isn’t done properly, you could end up regretting your choice of plumber. You need a plumber who you can be confident will be able to identify and fix a leak or install your sink to a high standard. If you select plumbers who does not have the right skills or qualifications, you put your property at risk of water damage and other issues further along the line.

What services do plumbers provide?

If you are not sure whether you require a plumber or another type of tradesperson, don’t worry, as we have created a comprehensive list of services that most local plumbers and plumbing companies will typically provide:

  • Emergency plumbing (they generally charge a call-out fee for this).
  • Leak detection and repair – finding and fixing a leak before it causes further damage.
  • Kitchen and bathroom piping installation e.g. sinks, showers, baths, toilets.
  • Water heater repairs and installation.
  • Unblocking drains using specialist equipment.
  • Replacing or installing radiators.

Do plumbers fix boilers?

If your boiler breaks down and you are without hot water and heating, you need to call the best person for the job. To repair or install boilers, plumbers must be a Gas Safe Registered engineer. This is a legal requirement, so when you are looking for a plumber near you for boiler repairs, ask to see their Gas Safe ID card.

Replacing your old boiler with a new one can help to improve the energy efficiency of your home, so finding good plumbers could help to reduce your energy bills. Many boilers have warranties that require an annual service from a Gas Safe Registered engineer to keep the warranty valid.

Can I get a gas safety check from a plumber?

If you are a landlord who requires a gas safety check as part of your landlord responsibilities, a plumber who is a Gas Safe Registered engineer will be able to perform the required checks and provide a gas safety certificate. 

Even if you are not a landlord, you may still want to have a gas safety check for peace of mind that your appliances are safe and working efficiently. Although it is not a legal requirement for homeowners, HSE strongly recommends that you maintain and service gas appliances on a regular basis.

How much does a local plumber cost?

The cost of plumbing work will depend on several factors, including which service you require and whether any materials or parts are supplied. Local plumber prices can vary significantly, so it is a good idea to get a quote before they do any work.

The average hourly rate for a plumber in the UK is £50, while a day rate will usually be somewhere between £250 and £350. 

If you have an emergency and require a local plumber to urgently visit your property, a call out fee of around £100 may apply, in addition to an hourly rate of £75 to £125.

Estimated costs of plumbing jobs

Your local plumber should be able to give you an upfront quote for the work that you require. To give you an idea of what to expect and ensure you do not overpay for plumbing services, these are some estimated costs for common plumbing jobs:

Fixing a leak – £80 to £140 

Unblocking a toilet – £80 to £120

Installing a radiator – £140 to £180

For larger jobs like fitting new radiators throughout a property, the plumber will usually charge a day rate of around £250 to £350.

How to find a reliable plumber near you

There are a few different ways to find a good quality plumber near you. Before you head to Google to search for ‘plumber near me’, consider more reliable ways to find a local plumber who is guaranteed to have all the required skills and qualifications for the job.

You can ask other tradespeople if they have a recommended plumber for you to use. You could also ask friends and neighbours for their recommendations for a good local plumber and online reviews will give you a good indication of the quality of local plumbing services.

The fastest way to find a trustworthy plumber

If you don’t have time to ask for recommendations and are worried that online reviews might not be legit, there is a better way to find top local plumbers near you.

Our tradespeople directory can help put you in touch with the best plumbers near you. All our tradespeople are required to provide proof of their qualifications and memberships, as well as having public liability insurance. This means you will have total peace of mind that your property and plumbing work is in safe hands.

Don’t leave your choice of plumber down to chance. Make sure that the best person for the job is in charge of your plumbing work, by choosing the best local plumber using our directory full of expert, fully qualified plumbers. 

Simply enter your postcode or town and you will see a full list of fully vetted, reliable plumbers near you.


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