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Choosing the right commercial cleaning service is essential for all organisations, regardless of size. It’s not just about keeping things clean; it’s about providing a welcoming and professional environment for staff while making a good impression on visitors and customers. Commercial cleaners can have an impact on the overall vibe of your office space, which is why it is critical to choose dependable, skilled, and professional commercial cleaners. Whether you’re in charge of a small business or manage an array of commercial properties, partnering with a trustworthy and competent commercial cleaner guarantees that cleaning jobs are completed with the highest level of accuracy and care.

Professional commercial cleaning services play an important part in reducing the spread of easily transferable diseases prevalent in high-touch locations such as doorknobs and keyboards by ensuring a clean and healthy work environment. The poor hygiene in these locations can result in higher sick leave and lower employee productivity. Aside from health benefits, these services help to maintain a polished company image by showing professionalism and creating a welcoming atmosphere that positively influences both clients and employees.

Commercial cleaners
Commercial cleaners

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More about Commercial Cleaners

Professional commercial cleaners cater to various businesses, including offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and retail stores. Their cleaning services include a variety of cleaning jobs that are tailored to the individual demands of each business. General cleaning, window cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, disinfecting surfaces, bathroom/toilet cleaning and sanitisation, specialty floor cleaning, and kitchen and breakroom cleaning are common commercial cleaning jobs. Professional commercial cleaners are aware of the specific needs of various organisations and adjust their services accordingly. 

By selecting a trustworthy service provider, you can be confident that the level of cleanliness in your workplace not only meets but surpasses standards. A carefully curated list of excellent service providers is provided by Top Tradies to anyone looking for the best business cleaning services available in their area. Top Tradies makes the process of choosing the best commercial cleaners based on your unique demands and specifications easier by putting you in touch with reputable and excellent workers.

Commercial Cleaners costs

The costs for commercial cleaners can vary greatly depending on location and the type of services you require, see our cost guide below:

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Frequently asked questions about commercial cleaners

Commercial cleaners provide services to all types of business, including offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals and retail stores. Commercial cleaners do a wide range of cleaning jobs, depending on the requirements of the business. The typical jobs that commercial cleaners do are:
  • General cleaning including vacuuming, mopping, sweeping and dusting.
  • Window cleaning (interior).
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning, including specialist stain removal and deep cleaning.
  • Disinfecting surfaces.
  • Cleaning and sanitisation of bathroom/toilets.
  • Specialist floor cleaning, including waxing and buffing.
  • Kitchen and breakroom cleaning.

Commercial cleaners will generally cost more than domestic cleaners, as they will usually bring specialist equipment and perform a different set of cleaning tasks. The hourly cost for a commercial cleaner will be around £15 to £50. 


For larger commercial cleaning jobs, a team of cleaners may be required to get the work done in the available time. This could cost around £150 to £400 per hour for a larger team of commercial cleaners.


The cost will usually be affected by details such as how many bathrooms there are, whether there are carpets or flooring that require specialist cleaning and how many desks there are to clean in an office, for example.

The frequency for having commercial cleaners depends on a number of factors. Hospitals and schools will require a full clean every day, while offices may have general cleaning every day but other cleaning tasks such as carpet cleaning and window cleaning are done less regularly.


How many people are using and walking through the building will also have an impact on how regularly you require cleaning. Large stores with hundreds of customers coming through the doors each day will need more hours of cleaning than a smaller business with 10-20 customers/visitors each day.


When you speak to your commercial cleaning contractors, you can discuss your requirements and they will recommend a cleaning schedule that meets your budget and business needs. 


Having a clean work environment is important for the health and safety of the people using the building, as hygiene issues can lead to illness and even hygiene-related diseases. Ensuring that your business has a suitable cleaning schedule will help to prevent unnecessary staff illnesses and ensure your business does not receive negative publicity related to poor hygiene or cleanliness.

There are a few different options for finding commercial cleaners, but locally based commercial cleaners will usually provide you with a more cost-effective service than using a national commercial cleaning provider where cleaners need to travel further to your premises.


The best place to find reliable, high-quality commercial cleaners is to use Top Tradies. Whether you require a one-off commercial cleaning job or several hours of cleaning each day, you will find experienced, highly recommended commercial cleaners here.


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