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Unlock the potential of your outdoor space with the expertise of local garden landscaping experts. Whether you’re seeking a garden makeover or a comprehensive transformation, a professional garden landscaping expert possesses the skills to turn your vision into a breathtaking reality. Garden landscaping encompasses various elements, from planting shrubs and trees to constructing feature walls, decking, and paths, and crafting intricate lawn and hedging shapes.

Engaging an experienced landscaping expert goes beyond mere execution; they offer consultation services to tailor the design to your ideas or provide creative inspiration if you’re unsure about your requirements. The result is a harmonious blend of your vision and expertise, creating a beautifully landscaped garden that serves as an ideal retreat for outdoor relaxation.

Beyond personal enjoyment, a well-landscaped garden adds significant value to your property, making it an investment in both aesthetics and real estate. Elevate your outdoor living experience with the guidance of local garden landscaping experts who transform your garden into a stunning haven.

Garden Landscaping
Garden Landscaping

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Here’s a list of some of the leading garden landscaping expert companies in the UK. If you want to search for someone local to you, please use the search bar above to find the right garden landscaping expert for you, based in your local area.
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in Capel, Dorking, RH5 5LP
covering Dorking and within a 8 mile radius
in 6b Houston Mains Holdings, Broxburn, EH526JU
covering Broxburn and within a 8 mile radius
in 1 Fairview,Oakley Road, Worminghall, Aylesbury, HP18 9UN
covering Aylesbury and within a 8 mile radius
in Unit 11b Dyke Road Mews, Brighton, BN1 3JD
covering Brighton and within a 8 mile radius
in Buildbase Head Office, Cowley, OX4 2LL
covering Cowley and within a 8 mile radius
in Brookside Rural Park, Rudgwick, RH12 3AU
covering Rudgwick and within a 8 mile radius
in Gtek House, Watermill Industrial Estate, Buntingford, SG9 9JS
covering Buntingford and within a 8 mile radius

More about Garden Landscaping Experts

Enlist the skills of local garden landscaping experts to breathe new life into your outdoor haven. Whether you crave a garden facelift or a complete transformation, these professionals possess the expertise to turn your ideas into a visually stunning reality. Garden landscaping involves a diverse range of elements, from planting shrubs and trees to constructing feature walls, decking, and paths, and sculpting lawn and hedging shapes.


Experienced landscaping experts go beyond execution; they offer consultation services to align the design with your vision or provide creative inspiration if you’re undecided. The result is a beautifully landscaped garden, providing an idyllic space for outdoor relaxation while adding significant value to your property. Elevate your outdoor living experience with the guidance of local garden landscaping experts, creating a harmonious retreat that seamlessly integrates nature’s beauty with your preferences.

Garden Landscaping Experts costs

The costs for garden landscaping experts can vary greatly depending on location and the type of services you require, see our cost guide below:

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Frequently asked questions about garden landscaping experts

Garden landscaping involves pretty much any type of work to improve the aesthetics of an outdoor space. It can include smaller projects, such as planting new shrubs, or larger projects that require digging out and levelling ground.


These are some of the most common aspects of garden landscaping:


  • Designing and creating landscapes, using hand-drawn sketches or design software.
  • Building a new decking area, including lighting and railings.
  • Advising on and planting an arrangement of shrubs, plants, hedges and flowers.
  • Laying a new path, lawn or patio, including designing attractive layouts.
  • Hardscaping, including wall installation, planters and water features.
  • Lawn care, including aerating and fertilising to improve quality.
  • Creating speciality gardens, such as vegetable and herb gardens.

An experienced and skilled landscape gardener will usually charge a day rate of between £150 and £300. If you are looking for a more basic landscaping job, without the need for advanced design skills and horticultural knowledge, you can probably choose a regular gardener to do the work and pay a bit less.

Landscaping a garden can cost anything from £1,500 to over £10,000, depending on what work is involved. If specialist machinery is required to dig the garden, or to remove and chop trees, then this will usually be an added cost to hire the equipment unless the landscaping company already has the required machinery.


If you want to install decking as part of your landscaping, this is another significant cost. You will pay between £2,000 for a small section of decking and up to £10,000 for a larger, elevated decking design using premium material, with accessories such as lighting and balustrades included. Pavement slabs will be a cheaper alternative to a decking area.

Real grass is a cheaper option to most patio materials and gravel is a cheap option if you want to add paths and borders around your garden. New turf will cost around £15 to £25 per square metre, so a 20m2 will cost around £400 for the grass alone.


It is cheaper to grow a lawn from seed, rather than buying turf but it will take time and attention to make sure that the seed grows into a thriving lawn. Another cheap way to landscape your garden is to re-use materials or look for used materials that are being sold. You will often find people selling paving slabs, rockery and other materials on local ads websites.

The easiest way to find skilled, recommended garden landscaping experts in your area is to use Top Tradies. Enter your town into the search tool to see a list of the best garden landscapers near you.

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