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In the pursuit of fostering a more sustainable and energy-efficient living space, the pivotal role of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assessors emerges as a guiding light. Operating as certified professionals, EPC assessors play a crucial role in evaluating and rating the energy efficiency of buildings.

Their specialized expertise lies in meticulously analyzing various factors, including insulation, heating systems, lighting, and the integration of renewable energy sources. Conducting an EPC assessment involves a comprehensive examination of a property’s energy performance. This meticulous process ultimately results in the issuance of an Energy Performance Certificate, which provides an insightful energy efficiency rating on a scale ranging from A (indicating the highest efficiency) to G (representing the least efficient).

Hire an EPC Assessor
Hire an EPC Assessor

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Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the leading EPC assessors companies in the UK. Moreover, if you’re specifically looking for someone local to you, we recommend utilizing the search bar above. This will help you find the right EPC assessor tailored to your needs, situated in your local area.

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More about EPC Assessors

There are a number of reasons to have an EPC assessment carried out, and that’s why so many people choose to hire an EPC assessor. For example, EPC assessments contribute to reducing the carbon footprint by identifying areas for energy-saving improvements. Moreover, they are also helpful when it comes to saving money. By obtaining valuable insights, you can make informed decisions to enhance energy efficiency, ultimately leading to reduced utility bills over time. Furthermore, EPC assessments are often required during property transactions, ensuring compliance with energy efficiency regulations and making them a legal requirement in some situations.


When it comes to the actual EPC assessment process, there is a lot that goes into it, with the building itself being a key focus. Firstly, the EPC assessor will conduct a thorough evaluation of insulation, windows, and doors. Additionally, they will scrutinize the heating systems, assessing the efficiency of boilers and heating methods. Another critical aspect involves the examination of lighting fixtures and energy-efficient alternatives. Equally important is the evaluation of renewable energy sources; here, the assessor will consider solar panels, wind turbines, or other sustainable options.


EPC assessors, by fulfilling their responsibilities diligently, play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future. By comprehending their role and the significance of EPC assessments, individuals can embark on a journey towards a more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious lifestyle. This is something that Top Tradies can assist with by connecting you with tradespeople in your local area and helping you hire a reliable EPC assessor.

EPC Assessors costs

The costs for EPC assessors can vary greatly depending on location and the type of services you require, see our cost guide below:

Frequently asked questions about EPC assessors

The cost to hire an EPC assessor in the UK ranges between £60 to £120 on average. The overall EPC assessment cost, inclusive of the assessor’s fee, typically falls within the £100 to £150 range. As there are a lot of variables to consider, and different EPC assessors charge different amounts, it’s always a good idea to compare quotes.

An EPC assessor is a qualified professional responsible for evaluating the energy efficiency of your property. They conduct a comprehensive assessment, considering factors such as insulation, heating systems, windows and renewable energy sources. You can initiate the process by contacting a certified EPC assessor and scheduling an appointment. The assessor will conduct an on-site inspection, examining key elements impacting energy efficiency. Following the assessment, the EPC assessor will provide an Energy Performance Certificate, indicating your property’s energy efficiency rating.

There is no set fee for hiring an EPC assessor, which is why it’s important to look at average costs. There are a number of things that can impact the cost of hiring an EPC assessor. For example, larger properties may incur higher assessment costs due to the extended evaluation time required. Regional variations in living costs and demand for EPC assessments can also influence pricing. Some assessors may offer supplementary services like floor plans or recommendations for energy efficient improvements, which will increase the overall cost.

Hiring an EPC assessor is a crucial step in enhancing your home’s energy efficiency, reducing utility costs and contributing to a sustainable future. You can hire an EPC assessor by looking on Top Tradies, as our platform has been designed to connect you with tradespeople in your local area, including EPC assessors.

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