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Amidst the surge in energy rates, homeowners are increasingly seeking cost-effective and energy-efficient heating alternatives. One notable option gaining popularity is infrared heating, which offers an affordable alternative to traditional central heating systems.

Infrared heaters distinguish themselves by directly heating specific areas or objects, bypassing energy loss associated with air heating. Leveraging infrared radiation, these heaters target the intended space or object, providing focused warmth. Beyond energy efficiency, the installation of infrared heating panels proves more straightforward than complex central heating systems.

Typically affixed to walls or ceilings through brackets, infrared heating panels boast ease of installation. They can be conveniently plugged into a standard 13-amp socket, making them particularly suitable for spaces where installing a central heating system poses challenges. However, if the desired locations lack existing sockets, the services of a qualified electrician become essential to connect the panels to the main supply.

Choosing infrared heating not only contributes to energy savings but also provides flexibility in installation. The focused heating approach and simplified installation make it an attractive option for homeowners looking to enhance both efficiency and comfort. When considering the transition to infrared heating, engaging local installers ensures a seamless process, combining expertise and practical solutions for an optimal home heating experience.

infrared heating
infrared heating

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More about Infrared Heating Installers

Explore the realm of energy-efficient warmth with local infrared heating installers. As energy costs rise, homeowners are turning to infrared heating as a cost-effective alternative to traditional systems. Infrared heaters directly target areas, minimising energy loss. Installation is simplified with panels mounted on walls or ceilings, easily plugged into standard sockets.


This proves ideal for spaces challenging for central heating setups. If lacking appropriate sockets, a qualified electrician ensures seamless mains connectivity. Elevate your heating efficiency and comfort with these installers, delivering focused warmth and practical solutions tailored to your home. Choose local expertise for a hassle-free transition to efficient infrared heating.

Infrared Heating Installers costs

The costs for infrared heating installers can vary greatly depending on location and the type of services you require, see our cost guide below:

Frequently asked questions about infrared heating installers

Infrared heating can be used for heating most types of properties and spaces, including:  
  • Domestic rooms
  • Offices
  • Stores
  • Corridors
  • Outdoor buildings

Infrared heating panels cost around £150 to £300, so installing infrared heating in one room will be the cost of the panel plus the labour for the electrician. A qualified electrician will usually charge between £30 and £50 per hour and installation will take 1-2 hours, so your cost for installing infrared heating in one room will be between £180 and £400.


If you are looking at installing infrared heating panels throughout the house, for a house with 7 rooms it would cost between £1,260 and £2,800.

Infrared heating provides cheaper heating than electric storage heaters but will usually cost more than gas boilers to run. However, the main benefit of using infrared heating is that you can heat a specific space without losing heat as it travels through the air. This makes it a good option for heating areas where the insulation is not very good. The other key benefit of installing infrared panels is that they are easier to install compared to installing a central heating system or adding radiators and underfloor pipework to connect radiators to the central heating system.


Although infrared heating panels are fairly new technology, the designs are being enhanced all of the time and there are less parts to go wrong compared to boilers and radiators, so there will usually be less maintenance required and less chance of being left without heat. Boilers often have issues that cause them to break down, which can leave you without heating and hot water, while a heating panel will rarely break.

Most infrared heating panels come with a plug that you will simply need to plug into a 13amp socket, so all that will be required is to mount the panel using the brackets. However, if you are installing the infrared heating panel in a place where there is no plug socket, you will require a qualified electrician to install a new socket for your infrared heating panel.

Top Tradies is full of qualified, insured tradespeople, including infrared heating specialists and qualified electricians who will be able to install your infrared heating. All our listed tradespeople are required to provide evidence of memberships, qualifications and insurance, so you can easily find a qualified tradesperson for the job. 


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