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Dropped kerbs play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic while maintaining the integrity of public infrastructure. Whether you are a homeowner looking to enhance your property or a developer working on a construction project, understanding the legal requirements and the process involved in kerb dropping is essential.


One of the primary reasons for needing a dropped kerb is to facilitate access to off-street parking areas. This is particularly relevant for individuals who have undergone construction work on their property, adding new parking spaces or driveways. Dropped kerbs allow vehicles to safely traverse the pavement, preventing potential damage to surfaces and protecting any underlying pipes or cables.


In addition to serving the needs of motorists, dropped kerbs also contribute to creating accessible environments for pedestrians, including wheelchair users and parents with prams. The lowered kerb provides a ramped access point, enhancing mobility and inclusivity in the community.

Kerb dropping
Kerb dropping

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More about Kerb Dropping Contractors

Following all legal criteria is essential before starting the kerb dropping process. Since they are in charge of any changes made to property that is a part of the public roadway, getting planning clearance from the local government is an essential first step. By considering variables like safety, environmental impact, and general urban planning issues, this guarantees that the suggested modifications abide by the law.

The legal mandate for dropped kerbs is rooted in the potential risks associated with vehicular movement across pavements. The weight of vehicles could damage pavement surfaces if they are not appropriately strengthened, posing safety hazards for both pedestrians and drivers. Additionally, the presence of pipes or cables beneath the pavement increases the risk of damage, making it imperative to follow established procedures.

In addition to their functional use, dropped kerbs indicate to pedestrians that it is safe for cars to cross the area. This knowledge is crucial for maintaining pedestrian safety, averting collisions, and encouraging the peaceful coexistence of various forms of transportation.

Kerb Dropping Contractors costs

The costs for kerb dropping contractors can vary greatly depending on location and the type of services you require, see our cost guide below:

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Frequently asked questions about kerb dropping contractors

The cost to have a kerb dropped will usually be around £1,000 to £3,000 and it involves checking for utilities such as gas, water or electricity lines, to ensure that dropping the kerb will not cause any damage to utilities. The council will need to assess the application to check that the location of the dropped kerb will not cause any road safety issues.

Yes, if the kerb is on a classified road then you will require permission from your local authority to have the work completed. You should contact your local authority or check their website to see what the correct process is for applying for a dropped kerb.

Kerb dropping involves lowering kerb stones, strengthening the pavement and constructing a ramp leading from the road to the driveway to provide safe, smooth vehicle access. There are different processes for applying for kerb dropping, so you should check with your local council what the correct process is for your property.


Choosing an experienced kerb dropping contractor will ensure that you follow the correct process, as your tradesperson will know what the requirements are for your local authority. However, your local authority website should have all the information you need to make sure you comply with the rules for kerb dropping.


Most local authorities will insist that kerb dropping is completed by approved contractors, so you should check that the kerb dropping contractor you choose is approved with the local authority before you appoint them on the job.

The easiest way to find approved kerb dropping contractors in your area is to use Top Tradies. All the tradespeople listed on Top Tradies are required to provide evidence of memberships, accreditations and insurance, so you can check these details before choosing the contractor for the job,


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