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Embark on a journey of durable and eco-friendly flooring with local linoleum flooring fitters, your trusted partners in transforming spaces. Linoleum, often affectionately called ‘lino,’ is a floor covering crafted from natural materials like cork, wood dust, linseed oil, or ground limestone. Blended and solidified onto a canvas backing, linoleum emerges as a resilient and environmentally conscious choice, finding favour in both homes and commercial establishments.


While linoleum flooring enjoyed popularity in modern homes during the 1970s, it continues to be a sought-after flooring option today, showcasing new variations and patterns to cater to diverse tastes. Also known as sheet vinyl flooring, linoleum proves especially fitting for kitchens and bathrooms due to its exceptional water resistance.


Local linoleum flooring fitters bring expertise to ensure a seamless installation, translating the durability and eco-friendliness of linoleum into a visually appealing and long-lasting flooring solution for your spaces. Elevate your home or commercial environment with the enduring charm and practicality of linoleum, expertly installed by professionals dedicated to both aesthetics and functionality.

Linoleum Flooring
Linoleum Flooring

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More about Linoleum Flooring Fitters

Experience the enduring charm of linoleum with local linoleum flooring fitters, your go-to professional for crafting eco-friendly and durable flooring solutions. Linoleum, or ‘lino,’ is a resilient floor covering composed of natural materials like cork, wood dust, linseed oil, or ground limestone. Blended and solidified onto a canvas backing, linoleum remains a popular choice for homes and commercial spaces due to its durability and environmental consciousness.


While linoleum enjoyed popularity in the 1970s, it continues to be a contemporary flooring option with new variations and patterns. Referred to as sheet vinyl flooring, linoleum is particularly suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, showcasing exceptional water resistance. Local linoleum flooring fitters bring expertise to ensure a flawless installation, seamlessly blending the enduring charm and practicality of linoleum into your living or commercial spaces.

Linoleum Flooring Fitters costs

The costs for linoleum flooring fitters can vary greatly depending on location and the type of services you require, see our cost guide below:

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Frequently asked questions about linoleum flooring fitters

There are many great benefits to choosing a linoleum floor, including:  
  • More cost-effective than options such as hardwood, and most tiles.
  • Linoleum is very durable and will usually last for many years.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain with sweeping and mopping using a mild cleaner.
  • It is water-resistant so ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where there is lots of moisture.
  • It provides a comfortable, cushioned surface for walking on.
  • It is an eco-friendly option as it is usually made from natural products which are biodegradable.
  • It has antibacterial properties, so is perfect for places that require high levels of hygiene, such as hospitals and schools.
  • Linoleum is suitable for installing underfloor heating.
  • There are many pattern, style and colour options available.

The cost of installing a linoleum floor costs around £120 to £400 for a small room of around 10m2 and around £300 to £1,000 for a larger room of about 25m2.


If the room requires screeding to level the surface, then this will cost around £300 to £400 extra. With linoleum, a level surface is not as important as with flooring such as tiles and laminate that will lift if the floor is uneven. 


Linoleum flooring is generally a more cost-effective option compared to hardwood and premium tiles, as it is cheaper per square metre and tends to be more durable.


The installation of linoleum is easier than laminate and hardwood, so the installation costs will be lower as well.

Fitting linoleum flooring will usually take 1-2 hours for a small to medium sized room with no irregular shapes to cut around and a fitter will charge between £25 to £40 per hour.

Installing linoleum or sheet vinyl flooring is easier than installing other types of flooring but cutting around shapes can be difficult and if you make a mistake, you may need to buy another sheet. 


If you are comfortable with cutting the linoleum to the correct room size, cutting around shapes such as baths, toilets and any other fittings, then you might want to try fitting it yourself to save installation costs. You will need a utility knife to cut the sheet and some adhesive for glueing the flooring around the perimeter of the room.


An expert linoleum fitter will usually charge around £50 to £100 per room for labour, so you will need to decide whether it is worth trying to install the flooring yourself at the risk of a less professional looking job.

The easiest way to find expert linoleum flooring installers is to use Top Tradies. Enter your town to see a list of experienced, skilled linoleum flooring installers in your area.

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