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When considering replacing a radiator or installing a new heating system, it’s crucial to involve a local plumber or heating engineer for help. Moreover, these skilled professionals bring the expertise necessary to seamlessly execute the task. Their competence ensures a swift replacement process for a seamless transition. They can upgrade to an energy-efficient radiator or address internal corrosion. Additionally, relying on their experience can reduce concerns. It can guarantee optimal results for your heating system.


There is a diverse range of radiators available to cater to various preferences and needs. Moreover, the choices encompass designer models and heated towel rail radiators. They also include both horizontal and vertical radiators. Furthermore, each style provides unique advantages. Homeowners can customize their heating systems according to their preferences and requirements. Additionally, individuals enjoy the freedom to customize heating solutions. They can opt for single or double panels to enhance flexibility for specific needs. Consequently, the diverse options guarantee everyone finds a radiator matching their style. It also meets their heating needs perfectly. This ensures satisfaction with choices.


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Here’s a list of some of the leading radiator installers companies in the UK. If you want to search for someone local to you, please use the search bar above to find the right radiator installer for you, based in your local area.

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More about Radiator Installers

The horizontal radiator style is a classic option, typically installed beneath windows to maximize space efficiency. Additionally, it offers a timeless aesthetic that complements various interior designs. Conversely, vertical radiators serve as a stylish, space-saving alternative, making a statement with their tall, slender design. Moreover, they contribute to a modern and dynamic atmosphere in any room. Designer radiators, on the other hand, are a blend of functionality and aesthetics, available in various shapes, colors, and materials. Furthermore, they have the power to transform a radiator into a striking piece of interior decor, enhancing the overall ambiance. For those seeking multifunctionality, heated towel rail radiators serve the dual purpose of providing warmth and drying towels. Consequently, they are a practical addition to bathrooms, combining utility with an elegant design.


Single-panel radiators are ideal for smaller spaces or rooms with lower heat requirements. Additionally, cost-effective, they are. Conversely, double-panel radiators provide enhanced heat output, ideal for larger spaces requiring elevated warmth levels, offering efficiency. Furthermore, they contribute to energy efficiency. The choice between these panels depends on the size of the room, desired temperature levels, and your specific energy efficiency goals.


Choosing the appropriate radiator style is crucial. Moreover, it goes beyond aesthetics to encompass vital aspects such as heat output, room layout, and energy efficiency. Additionally, seeking advice from a qualified professional ensures the selected radiator aligns with the space’s heating requirements. Consequently, this enhances comfort and optimizes energy usage. Consulting with Top Tradies can guide you in finding the perfect radiator in your local area.

Radiator Installers costs

The costs for radiator installers can vary greatly depending on location and the type of services you require, see our cost guide below:

Frequently asked questions about radiator installers

Most radiators have a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years and they will become less efficient as they get older. There are some signs that indicate it is time to replace your radiators, such as rust, cold spots and discolouration. If your radiator is less than 15 years old and is not working, there may be a simple fix such as bleeding the radiator before you resort to a replacement.


When you choose a reliable plumber or heating engineer, they will advise you whether it is a more cost effective option to fix the radiator or if it is time to replace the radiator. Installing a new radiator will help to ensure your room heats up quickly when you turn the heating on and it will run more efficiently, to help lower energy bills.

The installation cost for replacing a radiator will cost around £100 to £200, which includes removing the old radiator and installing the new one. A heating engineer charges around £25 to £50 per hour, and replacing a like-for-like radiator will take around 2-3 hours. 


If there is extra work involved, such as relocating a radiator or extending radiator pipework, then this will take longer and cost more. 


If you are replacing multiple radiators, the engineer may quote a price for the total project or charge a day rate of around £200 to £350. An experienced heating engineer or plumber will be able to replace around 3 radiators per day, so a house with 9 radiators will take around 3 days of installation work.


The design and size of your radiator will have a big impact on the overall project cost, as you can buy small, lower cost radiators for around £50 to £60, while designer radiators can cost £500 – £700.

Although you can save some money by replacing a radiator yourself, it is recommended that you leave it to a qualified heating engineer or plumber. You risk causing water damage from leaks, which could end up costing a lot more than the price of paying a qualified tradesperson to install your radiator. Water damage to floors and walls through undetected slow leaks can end up costing thousands of pounds to repair if you need to replace flooring or replaster walls and ceilings.

Choosing the best tradesperson to install your radiator will help to ensure that your heating works efficiently and that the job is completed professionally. An experienced radiator installer will be able to advise you on optimal radiator placement, the most suitable radiator designs for your property and whether to have radiator valves installed to control the temperature of your radiator. 


You can easily find qualified radiator installers in your area on Top Tradies. Enter your town into the search tool to see a list of top radiator installers near you.

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