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Discover certified local socket, switch, and fittings installers in your vicinity. Furthermore, these professionals undergo rigorous screening. Moreover, explore their work photos and client reviews to make an informed decision about your electrical installations. Additionally, our carefully selected experts ensure high-quality services, providing you peace of mind. Consequently, you can confidently choose the right installer for your needs, ensuring safety and satisfaction.

Local Socket, Switch and Fittings Installers

Embark on a journey of electrical excellence with our Local Socket, Switch, and Fittings Installers in Australia. Committed electricians prioritize safety, longevity, and diverse needs, delivering unparalleled service for holistic transformations or specific installations. Moreover, they excel in socket, light switch, and fitting replacements, prioritizing safety in your property’s wiring infrastructure. Like guardians of electrical well-being, they stand ready to deliver transformative solutions that harmonize with your unique requirements. Consequently, entrusting your electrical needs to these experts guarantees not just functionality but also enduring reliability.

Changing plug sockets independently may be tempting, but the risks emphasize the need for a qualified electrician. A skilled electrician ensures safety and compliance, bringing valuable experience to your electrical fittings. Additionally, their expertise helps identify potential issues that an untrained individual might overlook. Furthermore, their proficiency extends to efficient problem-solving, preventing complications that may arise from improper installations. Consequently, professional electrical services ensure home safety and long-term functionality.

Choosing an expert electrician is a decision marked by a seamless blend of expertise and reliability. Moreover, local socket, switch, and fittings installers consistently surpass expectations in all aspects of electrical fittings and installations. Additionally, they prioritize your safety, and their unwavering commitment assures excellence in handling your property’s electrical systems. Consequently, choose our platform for precise, professional electricians, elevating your electrical experience with peace of mind. As a reliable partner, they expertly handle electrical intricacies, ensuring seamless and secure connections for top-notch service.

Sockets switches and fittings
Sockets switches and fittings

Local leads

Moreover, within the UK, numerous reputable socket, switch, and fittings installers stand out. Utilize the search bar above to locate a local professional tailored to your needs and based in your area. This curated list includes top-notch companies known for their expertise in installation services, ensuring a seamless and reliable solution for your socket and switch needs.

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in Rotherfield, Crowborough TN6 3LB, UK
covering Crowborough TN6 3LB and within a 20 mile radius

More about Local Socket, Switch and Fittings Installers

Furthermore, the Australian Socket, Switch, and Fittings Installers bring extensive experience to the table. Additionally, they excel in providing personalized electrical solutions that cater to individual needs. Like dedicated craftsmen, these qualified electricians prioritize not only safety but also the seamless functionality of your electrical systems. Moreover, their expertise extends beyond routine installations, encompassing comprehensive upgrades for enhanced efficiency. Also, professionals on our platform ensure durable and reliable wiring, whether you need specific fittings or a complete overhaul. Consequently, choose our accredited electricians for excellence in every aspect of electrical work, ensuring peace of mind for your needs.


Meticulous in their approach, these installers go beyond basic functionality, adhering to safety standards. Furthermore, they seamlessly integrate aesthetics, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable electrical solution. Like trusted partners in the realm of electrical services, these professionals are dedicated to elevating your property’s safety and functionality. Moreover, choosing their expertise guarantees a transformative electrical experience. Consequently, connect with reliable installers for safe, functional, and aesthetically appealing electrical solutions, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Socket, Switch and Fittings Installers costs

The costs for socket, switch and fittings installers can vary greatly depending on location and the type of services you require, see our cost guide below:

Frequently asked questions about socket, switch and fittings installers

Replacing plug socket and light fittings is an easy and low cost way to modernise your home. Socket and light switches come in a wide range of options, including luxury finishes and plugs that incorporate USB ports for use with modern appliances.


Adding or moving plug sockets can provide a more suitable set up if you have had a change to your room layout or simply need more sockets. Running multiple plugs from a single socket can overload circuits and running extension cables can be a trip hazard, as well as looking untidy.


Moving or adding a new plug or light switch is a fairly simple job for an experienced electrician but it may require tapping into existing cables, channelling out a wall, installing extra wiring and a new junction box. Therefore, the costs will be higher when this additional work is required.

Adding a new plug socket to a room will cost around £120 to £200, including the fittings and the labour. Moving a plug socket will cost a similar amount, usually between £100 and £180 if you are using the same socket or slightly more if you are installing a new socket.


The price of new sockets range considerably, starting from around £5 for a plastic faceplate to over £60 for brushed stainless steel or polished chrome faceplates.

Replacing an existing plug socket with a new one should not take a qualified electrician very long and will usually be less than an hour, so labour costs will generally be around £50 plus the cost of the new socket.

Adding a new light switch or moving an existing light switch will cost somewhere between £100 and £200. The cost of light switches varies depending on the style and functionality of the switch. 


For example, dimmer switches tend to cost more than a flick switch, while materials such as brushed chrome will cost more than the basic white plastic switches. You can pay anywhere between £5 and £60 for a new lightswitch faceplate, on top of any electrical wiring and labour.

When you are having a new lightswitch or plug socket installed, the electrician may need to channel out the wall, which will then require patching up and repainting, so this work may also increase your costs. Some electricians will patch up the wall but usually you will need to use a different tradesperson or do the patch up yourself.

The easiest way to find qualified socket, switch and fittings installers in your area is to use Top Tradies. Enter your town into the search tool to see a list of qualified and insured socket, switch and fittings installers near you.

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