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Grant Taylor innovations is a growing rack and pinion construction hoist hire company offering a complete lifting and access package for both industrial and construction industries. Here at GTI we have developed a vast knowledge along with extensive experience of Alimak hoists, Hek work platforms, industrial lifts, and other industry rack and pinion equipment.

With a huge range of experience in the Industrial lift industry for Rack and pinion lifts, we at GTI can now offer a full range of industrial machines for all industrial applications.
From warehouses to mines, power stations or oil platforms amongst many more alongside are German parters at GEDA we can supply all the backing of a large organisation from a small UK based company with many years of industry experience.
We offer Service Maintenance and Testing of all Rack and Pinion lifts and hoists for the construction market or Industrial sectors in the UK or worldwide. We can offer our Engineering teams that are fully trained and certified by the largest Hoist company in the world ALIMAK HEK. We at GTI feel that we can offer a service above anyone else in this hoist industry due to our broad range of experience and training.
At GTI Hoist we can cater to all your training requirements for both the construction and industrial rack & pinion industry’s. Specifically we can provide training in the following areas;
Hoist familiarisation, hoist operator and hoist installation
Rack & pinion service and maintenance
MCWP operator and MCWP Installation
Thorough examination*
All training can be delivered either at your own site or at our state of the art facility in Peterborough and is provided by a training instructor with over 10 years industry experience.
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